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Would you like a set of clubs fitted to your requirements without spending £££'s?

Then Cotswold Golf Co can help, we offer a free loft and lie check, you just need to call to make an appointment (01285 861001). 


Why is having the correct loft and lie so important?

Your lie angle is the angle between the centre of the shaft and the sole of the club, and it's important as it can affect how your club enters the turf at impact, and consequently, which direction the ball travels in.


The more loft a club has, the higher the trajectory on which the golf ball will travel, and the shorter the distance the ball will travel. Loft is the primary factor in how high or low a golf shot flies. The more loft a club has, the higher the resulting shot


At Coltswold Golf Co, based at South Cerney Golf Course, we can lengthen and shorten club lengths including maintaining your swing weight. Your current clubs loft & lie angle can also be adjusted to fit your needs, any alterations needed will be subject to a small charge.


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south cerney golf course, northmoor lane,

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